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On this page you can add yourself an instrument/interface/sculpture.
I tried to make this as simple as possible, but feel free to send me any comment.
In the future I will add a system to upload the images on this page instead of via ftp.

First of all I want you to subscribe as I want to be sure I can contact you if I need some more information or if I have some remarks.
I will not use your email address for any other purpose and your address will never be sold to spammers.

If you already subscribed you can login here.
If you forgot your password, just try to subscribe again an your password will be sent to the email address you gave when you subscribed for the first time.

I still have to add a possibility to upload images/sound samples/videos,
so for the moment you will have to send the images via ftp or mail them to me (info at noisejunk dot eu).
You can send your images to ftp.servage.net, login = contributor, password = contributor.
Images of instruments should be no wider than 300 pixels, images of builders should be no wider than 100 pixels.

This is how it works now:
 - log in ( or subscribe)
 - Fill in the whole form (if you move over the question mark following a word there is a short explanation of what it is in case it\s not clear.
 - FTP all the images, videos and soundsamples to ftp.servage.net, login = contributor, password = contributor, or simply mail them to me (info at noisejunk dot eu), use the name of the instrument as subject.
 - After you added a new instrument I will review it and if all is fine I\ll put the instrument online.
 - The moment I have the assets (images/video/sound) I will put them online.

Thank you for your contribution.