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Noisejunk wants to be an archive of original, not common musical instrument/sculputers/musical interfaces etc.... The site is born out of love for sounds, where sounds can be every kind of noise produced by whatever object.
The instrument itself can be insteresting, but the sound produced by it or how this sound is achieved is what I love the most.
Sounds created by musical instruments, buildings, plants, electronic circuits, sound sculptures... it doesn't matter.
On this site you can expect the weirdest musical instruments, novelty interfaces, ... ever produced by mankind. This site is about Pyrophones, Intonarumori, weird synths, musical buildings and other weird or odd musical instruments.
Don't expect long explanation about the intruments, every page contains enough links to site that do that.
At this moment there are 365 musical instruments/interfaces/sculptures, 311 builders/inventors, 1151 links and 1148 pictures listed on this site.

Mind that this site will never be finished as every day creative minds find new ways to make music and build new odd musical instruments. So if you know of an instrument, toy, building or whatever that makes some noise or can be used to make some noise and it's not listed here just add it (still not finished, but feel free to try it). If you think this is too complicated, just let me know or send me a mail (info at noisejunk dot eu) and I'll be glad to add it to this list.

Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.